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02. Jun 11

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Teach Yourself the Guitar the Smart Way

You might need some serious dedication and discipline to carry out this to perfection. The best and the easiest way would be to teach yourself the guitar.

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Tuning Your Guitar To Itself

The first step is to get your fifth string in tune with your sixth string. Place a finger on your left hand on the fifth fret of the sixth string.

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How to Teach Yourself Guitar

Gone are the days when people attempted to learn a certain art form to gain mastery in it. Being an expert is not what we aim at. Rather, we are more interested in rapid and simple accomplishments whi...

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Tips on Playing Blues Guitar Chords and Rhythm

My favorite chords are blues chords. While some of them may be a little more complicated, you can really get a groove going with them.

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Teach Yourself Guitar Books: Reliable Tools

The guitar is a fascinating instrument and makes its presence felt in almost all kinds of music forms. Learning and mastering the art of playing the guitar is a very sought after skill.

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Teach Yourself Guitar Lessons

Gone are the days when the moment you decided on learning a musical instrument, you didn’t know where to start from due to lack of avenues.

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Teach Yourself Guitar – Be Your Own Boss

Now, taking lessons and rushing to the classes can be such a pain at times, so I think it’s a great idea to teach yourself guitar on your own.

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The 5 Important Patterns of Guitar Scales and Arpe...

It is crucial to learn this scale in all 5 patterns, thereby bringing about the ability to play the scale in all areas of the guitar neck rather than just one. The first scale is master is the G Minor...

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Top 5 Songwriting Mistakes

This newsletter is the perfect chance for me to give you vital information about the top five songwriting mistakes. These problems destroy promising careers and are experienced by the best songwriters...

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